Paid Search Advertising

Paid search marketing has many names, weird hazy terms. Many a times SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay per click) as Paid Search Engine Optimization. Few other names are also associated with paid search engine optimization like cost per click SEM (Search Engine Marketing and advertising, (SEM), Conversion Rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM).

Paid search marketing is a method by which client advertises his ads within the sponsored listings of a search engine or its partner site by paying either each time your ad is clicked (pay per click – PPC) or viewed by other users called Cost per impression CPM. CPM is perhaps best for companies who want to build brand awareness. CPC is best for rapid sales.

Google AdWords PPC

AdWords is Google’s advertising product. It offers PPC and CPM advertising as well as site targeted banner, text and rich media ads. AdWords is also Google’s primary source of revenue. The Google Search Network, featuring the standard Google Search, Google Shopping, Maps and its various search partners.

Google Display Network, which is any website that partners with Google, and other Google sites such as Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger. With AdWords, if you choose CPC, you can set your bid (the amount you’re willing to pay per click) to manual or automatic. With a manual method, you place your bid amounts, with automatic Google you authorize Google to bid with your budget range.

At InDigitalSol we create PPC Campaigns, for Targeted Researched Keywords, design an attractive Ad Copy, avoid negative keywords with a perfect landing page design to attain more conversions and maximum RoI.

Advantages of PPC Campaigns

  • Instant Reach towards Maximum Relevant Traffic to your Website
  • Quick Result with waiting for long-term organic SEO Results
  • Campaigns can be set for a specific region, time or a language
  • It allows you to target all devices separately
  • Remarketing, helps you to retarget visitors who have browsed your website before
  • Established online reputation management as well by displaying Ads over organic results.
  • PPC is an affordable & cost-effective solution for brands and businesses to get quick sales.

Why should you use PPC?

Your Company’s presence at the top of the SERPs. With organic results are not so consistent as rank against a specific keyword decreases gradually. Making it essential that your company appears within the top five or at least ten first organic results to improve CTR (click through rate).

If you have the sizeable budget, then PPC is the recommended to increase your product sales or services offered at your website, getting subscribed to as many as possible customers online.